Pamela Forseth-Spiritual Medium Advisor

Messages from Heaven 

Accurate, Compassionate, Ethical - The Real  Deal! 

"I'm a little bit gypsy, I'm a little bit hillbilly, I'm a little bit redneck, but I am whole lot of love..."

Internationally known, Pam Forseth has connected and been of service to those all across the globe from New Zealand to Australia, England, Germany, United States and Canada.

Pam is highly regarded for her compassion, truth and honesty. She is direct and to the point. She brings forth many validations and specifics so that you know she is connected to Spirit, your loved ones. She prides herself on truth and honesty, and bringing forth anything that is only for your highest good.

Pam says, "It is an honor to connect with your loved ones. It amazes me still, with all that they bring forward for you to know, that I am connected to your loved ones. I ask for many validations from Spirit for how would I know, a thought, a word, a song, a conversation you had just had with someone,a favorite meal.... so on and so forth. Bringing forth messages from your loves ones... is my purpose, my path. It humbles me each and every time. Thank you for allowing me to connect with your loved ones...

Today, I prefer in-person sessions. I find it much more personal.  To prepare for a session, I do what is called automatic writing; I write down messages from above. They consist of validations, specifics, & a brief message from either your loved ones, or from anyone in the Divine Heavenly world. I like to give validations & specifics, for only you would know, & thus showing, "I AM WHO I AM."  That is the greatest thing I try to get all to do, is "BE WHO YOU ARE." Don't be afraid to show the world the person you truly are.

I use and give what my guides give to me. I work with all my spirit guides, medium guides, psychic guides, Reiki guides, and all those from the Divine World. I channel messages from the Divine world, whether it may be a message from an ascended master, goddess, fairy, Jesus, or even God, Our Creator himself. 

Helping guide young children to keep their light shining, and also helping their parents to understand what their children are going through, is very important to me. I truly believe that the children are our future. "

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You give of your time unselfishly, never seeking anything in return. Your words offer comfort, hope and inspiration and are delivered in the kindest manner. Your timing is uncanny with your messages. You are indeed a gift to us all from the angels above.

- Samantha Smith

I just received the most amazing message from Pam... it took my breath away! Thank You Pam for your blessing you bestowed upon me! Many Blessings of Love of Light to You. God Bless You.  

- Diannae Yzaguirre

Tested. Recommended. Featured. 

Pam Forseth is a contributing author "365 Moments of Grace"

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